Ciclo® Technology

Ciclo® Technology

DCK was the pioneer company in Europe producing with CiCLO® Technology fibers.

These fibers, added during the boardshort’s production process, reduce the persistence of plastic pollution caused by synthetic textiles in the Oceans.

It is a revolutionary technology that reduces the creation of trash and long term pollution.

During the production of the boardshorts (using a similar process to the production from recycled plastic), the CiCLO® fibers are added, creating millions of biodegradable spots in the matrix of the plastic, where microbes that naturally exist in certain environments can break down the materials just like they do with natural fibers.

This process is extremely important because polyester fibers, normally used to produce boardshorts, are made from plastic. Like most plastics, they do not naturally biodegrade. Small fibers shed from textiles during use and care and are nearly impossible to recover, ending up as persistent pollutants in our oceans. With CiCLO® Technology, this no longer happens.

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